Create a Fundraising Page

Create a Fundraising Page

You have chosen to run and fundraise for charity and we salute you! There’s nothing more rewarding!

You can now set up your fundraising page and we have partnered with GoFundMe to make this as easy as possible. Click here to set up your fundraising page and get fundraising!


Whether you are running for charity for the first time, or a seasoned fundraiser, you are going to want to raise as much money as possible. Here are some tips that everyone can use to raise more.

Set the scene

Talk about the work the charity you are supporting does, and how the money you raise will help, and explain why you cared enough to take action to help, be honest and open. This will help connect people to your cause and increase the chances they will donate and share. Don’t forget to share your fundraising too, pages that are shared frequently raise around two thirds more.

Get creative

Think of interesting ways to get people excited about your fundraising. Set fun targets for your page to surpass with forfeits once it passes each one. For example, ‘If I raise £5,000 I will run the whole course dressed as a dinosaur.” Use your imagination and have fun.

Get snapping

Images help. Fundraisers with photos on their page raise 14% more in total. A perfect excuse for a fun training selfie! Adding lots of images helps your supporters connect with you and your fundraising efforts.

Share everywhere

Don’t neglect all of your options to spread the word. Share on Facebook and Twitter, but also on email, WhatsApp and LinkedIn too. The best practice is to share, and share often. People will want to hear how you are doing and will be ready to help you. Need some examples of updates worth sharing? Why not tell people how your training is going, or talk about how even a small donation can have a big impact for the cause you are supporting.


It’s not over ‘til it’s over

20% of donations are received after an event has finished. So even after you have completed your run, don’t let the fundraising stop there. Share how you did, what taking part meant to you, and how it has affected how you feel. You’ll be amazed by how many extra donations you receive.