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Accommodation in Kingston

Below are suggestions for accommodation for Kingston Upon Thames


Travelodge Kingston                                                 Premier Inn


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About Kingston Upon Thames

Located in southwest London, the historic town of Kingston is situated on the picturesque River Thames, just 12 miles from Central London and a 28-minute train ride from Waterloo.

The town is well-served by public transport and is close to Heathrow Airport and London’s orbital motorway, the M25 and the A3 motorway.

Kingston is known as the coronation site of as many as 7 Saxon Kings and the birthplace of England. Many relics remain from its rich history including London’s oldest bridge – Clattern Bridge, the Coronation Stone purportedly used in the coronation of Saxon Kings as well as a medieval bridge and undercroft.

The name of Kingston itself is derived from a royal connection as it comes from the phrase ‘Cyningestun’, meaning a royal farm or estate. The very first reference to the town was made in 838 AD where details of a royal council presided over by King Egbert were documented.